Branded Prints

What is a Branded Print?

A branded print is a print mounted in a passepartout with the photographer's own logo.
We print on matte Hahnemüle paper and mount the prints in perfectly matching passepartouts. The passepartouts are branded with the photographers logo in the bottom right corner.
Prints and passepartouts are acid-free and carefully selected to match each other in tone and feel. The paper is 200g and the passepartouts come with a front and back to protect the print.

How it works

1) You send us your logo files (vector file). We need these to make plates for our machinery and get everything set up for you. This setup process takes about two weeks.

2) We keep your branded passepartouts in-house and when you order prints from us, we'll mount them in your branded passepartouts.

3) Your clients make an order through their online gallery or directly through you. You send us the order and we produce and ship the prints directly to your clients.